VDMC’s strategy is to mitigate maritime workforce and supply base gaps that stand between Hampton Roads’ old industrial base and its potential to become America’s preferred digital maritime hub.


VDMC promotes giving young talent incentives to acquire new, digitally-driven maritime skills by reaching out beyond Hampton Roads to recruit new talent for maritime opportunities on the horizon and promoting the great quality of life that Hampton Roads-by-the-sea offers.


VDMC supports growing and sharpening our regional supply base for naval/commercial maritime opportunities, growing a formidable advanced manufacturing ecosystem serving 21st-century industries clustered around the maritime pillar.


VDMC believes that digitally-powered “Industry 4.0” technologies are performance multipliers that will transform the region’s workforce and supply base into models that other regions will want to replicate.

Moving Maritime Forward Together

Working closely with our industry stakeholders, community partners, and state & federal agencies, we strive to close gaps in the workforce, supply base, and infrastructure across the maritime enterprise, and to promote an industrial surge capacity to meet urgent national security needs.

Conducting research and utilizing cutting-edge technology, we work to improve the training and performance of Virginia’s maritime industry.

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Charting a Course to a Great Career

  • Are you a high school student interested in becoming part of Hampton Roads’ proud tradition of shipbuilding and repair?

  • Are you a professional interested in applying your expertise and skills to improve and grow with our region’s maritime enterprise?

  • Are you a veteran who is looking for what’s next?

Exploring the Sea of Possibilities

Through our community outreach programs, we provide a continuum of opportunities for students, parents, and teachers to explore maritime technologies and career pathways from job entry to management.

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