Marine Engineer Officer Working In Engine Room


A fun and engaging way for students to learn about the maritime world around them

Targeting the future maritime workforce, ShipTech seeks to engage K-12 students through immersive simulations to make connections between computer science and emergent, digital technologies revolutionizing sectors of the maritime industry. Users explore computational thinking challenges and Virginia Department of Education computer science standards as they navigate various careers and examples of maritime technologies which impact their everyday lives. Over 160 Computer Science SOLs with embedded vocabulary are targeted throughout the platform, meeting over 84% of the educational standards in grades 3rd-8th. VDMC works with ODU Game Design students and educators to design models, content, and themes for the project.

ShipTech will launch in Spring 2024 with expansion plans for regional school divisions and future funding across the state of Virginia. This project is supported by funding via Newport News Public Schools and Newport News Shipbuilding.