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2024 Navy Contracting Summit_post

2024 Navy Contracting Summit

The Defense Leadership Forum (DLF) offered its fifth annual “Navy Contracting Summit” here in Norfolk, 11 – 12 June, to a maritime audience of about 400 industry principals.

Highlights included keynotes by Navy Office of Small Business Programs head Arveice Washington and CAPT Ben Miller, Vice-Commander of NAVFAC – Atlantic – both of whom noted the improvement portents of the Shipyard Infrastructure Optimization Program (SIOP).

Further, SIOP and the Navy’s Submarine Industrial Base (SIB) challenge were targeted by Matt Sermon, who heads PEO Submarine and directs multi-million dollar investment in Hampton Roads’ growing maritime workforce pipeline – and may soon support VDMC shipyard initiatives. Pipeline principals Xavier Beale (Newport News Shipbuilding’s Personnel Director) and Shawn Avery (Hampton Roads Workforce Council) joined this SIB panel.

VDMC Executive Director RADM (Ret.) Mark Whitney has keynoted at prior Forum events. DLF offers East and West Coast summits annually for the Navy, Army and Air Force, with a Space Force summit in Hawaii.


News story about the summit from KTLA: