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The GO TEC bus revisits Hampton Roads_post

The GO TEC bus revisits Hampton Roads

Over 10 days in July, the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research’s Jacob Taylor collaborated with Portsmouth educators to host a Vex Robotics competition for Starbase Victory students at the Children’s Museum of Virginia. “Throughout the week students built, programmed, tested, and finally competed with their original Vex Robotics designs. learning how to approach a problem and iterate in the engineering design cycle. When you mix that in with a gamified atmosphere, students don’t realize they’re developing those skills. It’s just a whole lot of fun,” says Taylor. The GO TEC bus also stopped at Portsmouth’s busy Farmers Market where City Councilman Mark Hugel and Mayor Shannon Glover competed in a welding simulator “weld-off” for an enthusiastic crowd. CTE educators from around the Commonwealth were also treated to the GO TEC experience at Brooks Crossing, home of the new GO TEC training lab.